H.V.A.C Mechanical System Commissioning


HVAC Mechanical System Commissioning

The primary goal of commissioning is to ensure building’s HVAC systems are operating the way the owner intended. It brings objectivity and practical experience to the project to provide a consistent level of assurance that the owner’s best interests will be served. It involves the owner, designers, and contractors to ensure that the building performs reliably and efficiently as intended. A Commissioning manager can be appointed at the design stage to review the commissionable aspects of each system, value engineering and how maintainable the actual design solution will be.

Mechanical System Commissioning Benefits:

• Early correction of design and actual operation mismatch.
• Finds errors, omissions, and conflicts in design and specifications.
• Fewer project delays and fewer deficiencies before completion.
• Managed start-up and functional test procedures.
• Shorter building turnover transition period.
• Less post-occupancy corrective work.
• Minimized impact from design changes.
• Improved indoor air quality and occupant comfort.
• Better operation, maintenance and reliability.
• Lower energy and operations costs.
• Value-added construction quality.
• Complete and useful documentation.